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How to enable dark mode in SSMS?

How to enable dark mode in SSMS?

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Rajanand Ilangovan
·Mar 5, 2022·

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SQL Server management studio does not have the dark theme by default. You can make the below change to enable the dark theme option.

  1. Go to the below path
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 18\Common7\IDE\
  2. Modify the below file in Administrator mode. If you are using notepad++, you can launch it in admin mode.
    File name: ssms.pkgundef
  3. Search for Dark and add // in front of the below line to comment and save the file.
  4. Open SSMS => Tools => Options => Environment => General => Color theme and choose dark theme.
  5. Restart the SSMS.

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